There are a lot of factors that play into your Google ranking. At times, it can be a struggle to keep them all straight. Just within search engine optimization, there are multiple factors at play, one of them being off-page SEO.

Off-page SEO factors into your ranking in a powerful way. If you want to consistently rank high in searches, drive traffic to your site, and boost your brand’s visibility, you need to know how to do off-page SEO.

Your Quick SEO Off-Page Optimization Guide

What Is Off-Page SEO?

In essence, off-page optimization in SEO refers to any search engine optimization actions on other sites that are meant to drive traffic to your site. The most well-known of these is acquiring links, but SEO off-page activity can include a lot more than just that.

Off-page SEO is highly beneficial because it lasts for years and helps to give your site a better reputation. In fact, it might be better than on-page SEO when it comes to pleasing the algorithms and boosting your rank.

Why Off-Page SEO Is Essential

Basically, without it, you aren’t going to rank well, especially on competitive keywords.

Think of search engine rankings as a battle for being the top authority. When we evaluate potential authority figures, we don’t just rely on what they have to say about themselves; we also look to outside sources. The more people who speak highly about someone, the better we view them.

That’s how off-page SEO works; the other pages stand in for the other people, helping the algorithms see your site as the authority.

Off-Page SEO Elements Besides Links

Any off-page SEO guide will emphasize the importance of links. However, quality off-page SEO extends beyond that. You should also keep in mind the following:

  • Domain Authority: Not yours—the sites you utilize in your off-page SEO. The lower the domain authority, the less helpful they will be. In some cases, if their DA is low enough, working with them will actively hurt you.
  • Relevance: More important than high DA is that the site linking to yours is relevant to your subject. If the other site has high DA but isn’t related to your content, Google won’t be impressed.
  • Site Traffic: Ultimately, links aren’t worth much if they cannot drive traffic to your site. Make certain you are happy with the traffic the other site sees before working with them.

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