Every business requires two most important things to grow. These two things are:

  • Leads, and
  • Conversions

A lead is the information you get about a potential future customer. Conversion is when you convert a lead into a sale. This means you are required to have leads first if you want to convert them. So, getting leads must be the first priority for any business.

How to get leads

For a new business it might be hard to get a lot of leads. There are two methods that enable you to get lots of leads as soon as you start your business.

  • SEM or search engine marketing, and
  • SMM or social media marketing

What is SEM

Search engine marketing is marketing your business on different search engines especially Google. Google can help you get lots of traffic but most of the people prefer SMM over SEM.

What is SMM
Social media marketing means marketing your products on social media platforms. It is better than SEM. It is also easier to grow yourself on social media rather than search engines. You just have to create different social media accounts. Create separate accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, etc.

Facebook: the biggest social media platform

Facebook is the reigning monarch of social media platforms. It owns Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook is one of the best platforms to market your business because it has millions of active users daily.

Rise of Instagram

Instagram had suddenly become popular worldwide. Now it is the second biggest social media platform in the world. If you have good followers on Instagram, you can easily promote your business. You can gain follower with Instagram follower services[jasa follower instagram, which is the term in Indonesian] provided by many marketing companies.

Overall, it is easy to grow your business using different social media platforms because of the number of active users these platforms have.

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