Ecommerce has become the new normal in the market, and every industry wants to use it for increased sales. But how to make sure your eCommerce site efficient enough to handle your business needs. Well, two of the most commonly used technologies BigCommerce and Shopify, have figured it out for you. They are highly scalable and efficient platforms to help you set up your eCommerce store and venture into digital selling. Furthermore, you have to be very precise when choosing between the two platforms to get the best out of your online selling business. In the eCommerce platform battles, Bigcommerce vs Shopify is getting many eyes.

At a few p0ints, Shopify has emerged as the best option; for instance, it allows stores to set up an online store with minimal configuration. But you never know what might be useful for others might backfire for you ultimately. Use the information below to make the right decision. 

Benefits Of Setting Online Store On Shopify

  • Easy To Set Up And Use

One of the biggest reasons to go for Shopify is it is easy to use and setup. Storeowners who do not want to indulge in the technicalities of setting up an online store can use Shopify. The platform offers a setup for an online store website and hosting via software. 

  • Visually Attractive

Shopify helps you to set up a visually appealing online store. Also, you can customize the UI and UX of your online store homepage. Otherwise, you can work with the minimum theme, which makes your online store visually appealing. 

  • Reliable and Secure

Shopify is one of the reliable and secure e-commerce platforms that you can use. Online Security is a big issue to work on for online stores. When you set up an online store, you need to make your deals and financial customer information confidential. 

  • Fast Loading Speed

The slow loading speed of your online store webpage can make you lose a potential customer. Shopify hosting solution helps online stores with fast-loading speed, which further increases your online store’s user engagement. 

  • Marketing 

For an online store, you need to work on the marketing of your product and services. Shopify helps you with advanced analytics to research the market and make an important marketing decision. Shopify also helps with the SEO of your online store website. Furthermore, you can use other marketing tools on Shopify like discount coupons, store statics, email marketing, custom gift cards, and more. 

  • Easy Payment

To help customers, online stores need to provide different payment options. Shopify helps to set up online stores with secure and reliable payment options.

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