Today we bring you tips to avoid an electrical accident in your home so that you take the necessary precautions, and nobody gets electrocuted for lack of carelessness. We encourage you to implement all the tips mentioned; domestic accidents are a serious matter to consider.

  1. Away From Water

Never allow the contact of water with electricity. In a situation where a power socket outlet (ปลั๊ก ต่อ พ่วง, which is the term in Thai) is wet while a device is plugged in, try not to plug it out. Turn off the electrical power in the house first, then remove it from the plug and leave it to dry up.

  1. Do Not Touch Anything Electrical Without Taking The Necessary Precautions

If you are barefoot or have wet hands, do not touch anything electric. Always try to wear shoes with a rubber base to avoid electric shock.

  1. Keep Your Garden Power Tools Dry

Do not use any wet tool, and as in the previous point, get a rubber shoe to handle them. Avoid any unnecessary accidents.

  1. Identify The Electrical Panel, Circuit Breaker, Thermal Or Fuse

You should know where in the house they are located and how to turn off the electric power socket (usb ปลั๊ก, which is the term in Thai) for easy and fast action in case of an accident. Take precautions and have a specialist check their proper functioning.

  1. Don’t Overload The Plug

Do not use multiple adapters. Many people connect several appliances to a single outlet using an adapter.

Keep these tips in mind to avoid electrical accidents in your home and apply them. Share this article with your friends and families; it will be a great help for those who ignore the possible dangers of electricity. Do not forget to be careful and watch that your family complies with the rules.

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