SEO and SEM are two essential digital marketing strategies to attract quality traffic to our site and convert.

The SEM (Search Engine Marketing or search engine marketing) are all paid campaigns that we can perform on search engines or other websites. It is a perfect way to generate visibility to our website quickly.

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the implementation of different actions on our website as content optimization (SEO content), web optimization (SEO on-page), and achieving links from another web (link building), to improve our position in search engines, for certain search terms.

Although the main objective of both is to get traffic to the web, there are many differences between the two techniques that it is important to make clear before starting to implement them.

Main difference between SEO and SEM

Organic positioning vs. paid positioning

With SEO positioning, our website gets a Google ranking (อันดับ google which is the term in Thai)  and appears in the first search results for having an optimized page with good content. In contrast, SEM positioning is achieved by creating ads and paying Google to appear in the top positions. In other words, SEO earned it by doing a good job of optimization, and with SEM, we paid to get it.


This is one of the main differences of SEO and SEM. Since we activate our SEM campaigns, we will appear in the first results of the search engine for all those terms for which we have bid, increasing the visibility of our website at the moment. However, to appear in the first results in an organic way, it can take several months, since SEO positioning implies changes in the web and our content that Google must detect little by little.

The position they occupy in the search results

Google has clearly defined the areas where organic results and paid results are shown. In the first positions, you can see the results of Google Shopping, which are product listings with image, product name, price, and name of the merchant; and after them, two search ads are shown. If Shopping ads are not displayed, up to 4 search ads may appear.

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