Whatever the office or the corporation involved, loads of paper get trashed every single day. From scraps and run sheets up to high security documents containing extremely valuable information which are better kept unseen or if possible, wiped off the face of the earth. It’s not some kind of espionage novel or 007 spy story movie, a lot of managers, bureaucrats or simple employees know the faster you get rid of your discarded documents, the better. Setting up a database for the storage of no longer in use documents would be an operation requiring both large available spaces and a huge amount of time. Here it is,Kobra kicks in.Kobra, is just one of the many documents and paper shredders in the marketplace. These tools are getting used daily both by large companies and by medium and small sized corporations. A shredder machine embraces in one single convenient solution the efficiency of the best office straight cut shredders and the advancement of latest technology allowing every company to take care of their dismissals in a secure, trustworthy and fast way.


How does a classic shredding machine work?


Contrary to common belief shredding machines are not that bulky and noisy equipment crunching paper sheets and coughing them up no stop all around the office but they are professional and high- tech tools every big organization seeks for. Starting from the classic line to the most advanced shredder reducing not only paper but also electronical and optical devices to dust, the choice is wide and suits all demands and budgets. The basic line of shredding machines for docs and paper are definitely the most affordable in view of their quite low security level so they’re mostly indicated and suitable for small offices,shredding papers once in a while, it doesn’t mean it can be used 24-7 though. The carbon hardened cutting knives, unaffected by staples and metal clips and the high precision design of cutting knives allows high shred loads with low power consumption. It also has a 24 hours continuous duty motor ensured by a thermal protection: no duty cycle or timed cool down period needed. Its130-liter high quality steel cabinet holds high volumes of shredded materials.

Shred your docs and save space, time and energy


Whether in need of a high security cross-cut shredder instead,the high security line suites you. Suitable to shred “Classified” and “Top Secret” documents, its Carbon hardened cutting knives and their high precision design of cutting allow a paper sheet to be shredded in about 20.000 microchips which become unreadable even under special electronic devices. Optical microscopes proof!Equipped with an energy smart system with optical illuminated indicators for power saving, stand-by mode and environmental protection. It also sends an automatic stop with light signal whether the bag gets full or the door is open. Naturally this 135-liter cabinet is mounted on casters.

Shredding machinery, which is so widely widespread among big companies and organizations are a legal, safe, affordable, eco-friendly way for both managing office’s waste and of course to leave no trail on important data and sensitive info.

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