Aiming for more productive working has its demerits. Some solutions can help get every inch of production from the team and tracking software for productivity.

Here are a few myths about productivity:

Myth 1: Social Media is bad while working

A small notification is enough to distract an employee.

Managing Social media

Some employees restrict their access to all the social media handles and networking sites.

Is blocking social media possible?

It is not until some surveillance or monitoring devices are instilled in the workplace. Through some policies and employee tracking tools for time social media usage can be controlled.

Boost Productivity via social media

If there is a set of rules and regulations and are being enforced properly employees won’t have a reason to sneak to use their social media handles. Make a rule regarding no social media during work time.

If employees rely heavily on social media, then one of the many solutions is employee monitoring software.

Employee Monitoring Software usage:

Work Examiner is one such software used for employee monitoring and also allows the employer to closely analyze and evaluate employees and ensure if there is enough productivity.

A marketing team’s social media usage is productive but the other team like a design team using these social media handles is not acceptable as it’s just for fun.

Myth 2: Productivity of employees is less at home

Employees now like working from home as there is comfort at home. Especially during this pandemic, it is the only way to get work done.

Many companies still prefer an office as a good workspace and there is still a belief that employees remotely working are less productive. There is a belief that communication is difficult. As there has been a boom in advancement in technology the myth should be busted by now.

Work from home should be welcomed in a new fashion.

Myth 3: High productivity with a monitoring

The team must be highly productive and give its 100%. Software for management should be imposed.

Productivity Risk

There is a concept called fear of missing out (FOMO) and it is when anything less than 100% is given. This generally is a misguided way to push and burn you and your team to a certain limit. A 100% effort at a constant level is a big myth.

Plan For Downtime

With a good and reliable employee production tracker employer can evaluate the production and also set aside some top performers. The top employees can be appreciated and be rewarded accordingly.

Work Examiner is reliable employee monitoring software and evaluates production and analytics.

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