There is something in the younger generation known as pop culture. A pop culture which is actually kind of a short form of popular culture is a blanket term. Under this pop culture, everything comes. Pop culture includes heavy metal rock music, rap music, cartoons, cinema, anime, manga, web series, etc. And the worth of youth is measured by how much knowledge one has about this pop culture. Not only knowledge but how many pop culture’s items one owns is also a sign of how higher the standards are of someone is. And this has led to the development of a whole new industry in modern times where manufacturers are focusing on developing new designs that simply have some kind of reference to pop culture. They are coming up with new ideas and new items in general. One such item is stickers.

How sticker design became a legit art form in today’s world?

Stickers, especially pop culture stickers, are the new trend of the current generation. The more pop culture stickers you have at your possession, the cooler you look. And that is why more and more online platforms are offering pop culture stickers. But with more competition, the reference is getting repetitive. Afterall the reference is limited. And thus, a fresh new perspective is needed like it is needed in every other industry. Thus, if you own such a platform that manufactures and sell sticker, then make sure you have people who can bring a fresh perspective in your business. And if you do not have that kind of people, then hire freelancers who can bring that perspective. Sticker design [ออกแบบสติกเกอร์, which is the term in Thai] is an art and you need an artist and to find an artist, you will need to look hard. However, graphic designers can suffice the requirements as well.

Get the best designers in Thailand online

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