With all the limelight on the big HPE 3PAR storage statement some days back, I observe that not every person is aware of the release of a brand-new storage space whitepaper called HPE StoreVirtual VSA Ready Nodes, which is IMHO, a huge progression for everybody hectic with StoreVirtual VSA.

So, what is this all about as well as why is it crucial?

It consists of a checklist of all the things to think of when making, sizing, as well as executing the service:

  • Referral configurations
  • Building introduction
  • Performance price quotes
  • Storage arrangement
  • Networking arrangement
  • Setup ideal methods
  • Installment checklists for the hypervisor, hardware, networking, as well as storage

Unless you go for the HyperConverged method, where every little thing like StoreVirtual VSA is pre-installed and set up for you, this is the reference paper for you.

In my job role, I often obtain questions concerning sizing as well as the installation of a DIY StoreVirtual VSA solution. Which RAID controller, is cache important, what concerning tiering, expected IOPS, do I need 10Gb, etc. All evident and great concerns! And now with a solution in an official HPE paper.

Recommendation arrangements

HPE produced four reference services based on assumptions like storage size and efficiency:

  • HPE Ready Nodes Tool
  • HPE Prepared Nodes Tiny
  • HPE All Set Nodes Big Hybrid, with SSD tiering
  • HPE Prepared Nodes Tool Crossbreed with SSD tiering

Not most likely to write out all the details below, yet you have an excellent mix of DL360 as well as DL380 based services with storage going from 5 SAS increases to a crossbreed arrangement with 18 SAS and 6 SSD drives per node.

You obtain a full listing of the evaluated setups consisting of BOM, the benefit of materials for available capability, as well as anticipated performance. I understand that this is simply a reference with three nodes, make the math yourself if you have four or six or perhaps a lot more nodes.

Better in the paper, you obtain all details about the setup adhering to all the best methods for hardware, networking, hypervisor, storage, as well as the VSA itself.

If you are interested in HPE StoreEasy 1650, you can click over the link.

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