Using the new changes that AT&T makes towards the different mobile phone data plans they offer, many users are actually getting to save the quantity of data they transfer. Users using their phone, most frequently the iPhone, for access to the internet frequently aren’t given careful analysis buy an limitless plan. With individuals changes, many users are increasingly being made to restrict their internet usage to presenting just the Wireless access to the internet. Still, may users are habitually using applications that connect to the internet using their phone, sometimes without one even realizing it. Many popular apps like the ones from both Facebook can also add your bandwith counts without you realizing it.

So what exactly is the answer from accidentally being able to access the web out of your iPhone? Your safest bet would be to disable the mobile phone internet around the iPhone. It’s a extremely swift any simple process, and could be easily un-tied when you are available the mobile phone online sites again. Due to the trickiness and complexity of a few of the iPhone’s menus, it may confuse users initially. When you get used to it though you can enable and disable mobile phone internet around the iPhone very quickly.

Listed here are the tutorials:

First, visit “Settings”

Second, visit “General”

Third, visit “Network”

Finally, locate “Cellular Data” and tap the slider to off

Bam !, you have already avoided your iPhone from being able to access cellular data network. When isn’t it time to gain access to the web again, simply repeat the steps and tap the “Cellular Data” slider to on. Keep in mind that this only prevents cellular data from being transfers but you just can make telephone calls normally.

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