Aside from having a considerable number of Twitter followers, having a good Twitter bio is also beneficial for your business page.

Your bio is not only made to explain your products and services as well as the things you do, but you can also use it to engage with your audience. But the question is how to do it correctly?

In this article, we will walk you through the 6 tips that can help you in making an awesome twitter bio.

  1. Link other accounts

If your business has several accounts on Twitter, then it is a good idea to add something like a directory so that your prospects will have an idea where they can find them.

This is especially true if customer support or service is the main pillar of your business’s presence on this social media platform. Not only that, this tip is also helpful for companies/businesses running accounts on several languages.

  1. Use an emoji

Emojis are worth a thousand words. In case you didn’t know, emojis can be a great help in conveying more messages in the limited character of Twitter’s bio. Not only that, they add a splash of character and at the same time color to your bio.

  1. End your bio with a call to action

When making bio for your business page on Twitter, make sure to inform your followers what they should do next, for instance, visit your business’s official website. Having that said, adding a call to action to your Twitter bio is always a great idea.

  1. Make your bio sound cool

One of the best places to generate buzz as well as excitement is on Twitter. So if you want to spread the good words about business make sure to create a twitter bio with an optimistic verbosity and upbeat tone.

  1. Use all the space

Twitter bios are too short, actually, you can only use a maximum of 160 characters. So if possible, use all the space to deliver all the important information. As a matter of fact, bios with more characters tend to have more followers.

  1. Add the right keyword

In case you didn’t know, bios on Twitter are searchable. Meaning to say, they can be indexed by Bing, Google, and other search engines. Thus when writing a bio, put your SEO capabilities to work and more importantly optimize by adding relevant keywords.

Follow these tips to come up with good twitter bios for your business page. By the way, there are also bio ideas that you can use as inspiration when writing one.

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