Whether using a cell phone or a notebook, a good Wi-Fi connection as seen in Wifi makes all the difference, doesn’t it? When properly configured, the network provides good download speed and high performance for all its users.

– In general, there are two ways to do the configuration. The first is using an installation CD, which provides instructions for the process. However, many people lose the CD or have a computer that does not read, etc. For this reason, it is essential to present the second option, which is manual:

– Using a network cable, connect the router to the computer. Then, open any internet browser. In the address bar, enter the router number, which will generally look something like ( However, it is worth mentioning that, depending on the brand, the number may vary.

– When you have access to the number, type it in the address bar of your browser. You will see a router administration screen asking for a login and password. In general, the factory default for this information is “admin” for both fields.

– Logged in, look for the Wireless Networks – or Wireless – tab, and choose the name of your wireless network. After this process, look for the security area. Among the options, there are WEP, WPA, and WPA2, among others. The most suitable is WPA2, as it has been proven to be the most secure.

– From there, choose a password to access your network. It is essential to choose a quality one, which is not obvious and offers the necessary security so that no one can access it and steal your Wi-Fi signal.

– Before performing a download speed test, you must connect your router to the internet. First, use a network cable to connect the operator’s modem to the router.

– In the router’s administration menu, look for connection types. In most domestic connections, it will be necessary to choose the item “PPOE connection.” In the connection form option, select the option “always-on” or “Always ON”, if your menu is in English. Then, it will be necessary to add the name of the internet provider company.

– Then, re-enter the password that was registered with the internet provider. Also, don’t forget to leave the acronym DHCP selected, allowing the router to assign addresses to computers that connect to it automatically. So, finally, your router will be connected to the web!

– Lastly, don’t forget to perform a speed test to determine if your internet download speed is of good quality.

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