Finding out whether the security camera has been hacked or not is extremely difficult. There are very lesser chances of detecting the camera being hacked. But there may be cases where chances of the camera being hacked will eventually found out too. If you find out any such risk about the camera being hacked, you need to be careful with it.

Although it is necessary to get your hands on a security camera which can be easily prevented, some of the prominent tips you should be looking forward to securing your camera and protect it against the risk of being hacked include the following.

Get security cameras with advanced encryption

Several websites are aimed at selling security cameras with advanced encryption for better security. No one would like someone prying on them. To prevent any such risk from happening, you must purchase the camera from any trusted source.

If the security camera doesn’t have any encryption features, the chances of it being hacked will become more. It would help if you looked for the best CCTV camera brand that provides all necessary features such as SSL/TLS encryption, WPA2-AES encryption to prevent hackers.

Get strong security camera passwords

Strong security camera passwords are necessary. Every security camera comes with a default password and username. If you have been using the default thing, the chances of getting hacked will become more.

Whatever password you choose, you need to ensure that it is a strong one and hard for someone to figure out. The password should be a combination of lower and upper case letters with special characters to prevent hackers from gaining any knowledge about the password.

Check the home network router

You need to keep a check on the home network router. Often someone else may break into your home router network to get free internet, but then it can be extremely stressful. If you are using a WiFi security system, you need to ensure that you are using a strong password.

If you connect the camera to NVR, it will record and save data without accessing the home router network. If you create the private camera subnet, no malware will be able to affect it.

You need to limit the access of devices to your home network and ensure better usage of the system. Using a virtual private network (VPN) can eventually be helpful from accessing the hackers into your system.

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