Most of the people think it quite a struggle to rank on the first page of Google. Well, it not easy for sure. But the fact is that it is not that hard as well. You just have to take care of a few things that most of the people ignore. And one such important thing is page loading speed.

What is page loading speed?

The amount of time your page takes to load when someone inserts your URL and press enter or click on your website’s link from search results is called page loading speed. A good page speed is required for better SEO and better user experience. If your page takes too much time to load, it will drop your ranking on Google.

Why page loading speed is important

Most of the people opt for cheap hosting services to save money. Most of these services provide very slow page loading speed. There are two most important reasons why you need good page loading speed:

  • One Google official stated that Google rank those pages higher that have fast page loading speed.
  • People do not like to open your website and wait for 4-5 seconds for it to load. They want the website to load immediately and might leave your site if it takes too long to load a single page.

Why it is good for SEO

As stated above, Google take the page loading speed in consideration while ranking pages. Also if people are leaving your site too early because it is taking too much time to load, it will create a negative impact on your rankings as well.

Hire an expert to help with page loading speed

You can check your page loading speed with Google’s free tool or you could take expert’s help to help you out with this problem. If you are in Thailand, search for digital agency thailand. Go with the one that suits your needs and business.

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