ELO boosters are professionals who are dedicated to it, to raise accounts, they are specialists.

Just as you do not ask a doctor who is going to operate, “hey and what strategy do you use to get my kidney out,” you also don’t have to go to ask what kind of strategies are being done to ELO to account for accounts.

As the toilets say (and surely many more people), “each teacher has his booklet.”

You will see they are strategies that these people have already studied and that they know work in all or most of the games.

Sometimes we have seen some examples of these strategies, but as you will understand, they adapt to each new goal, and not all of them serve forever.

The most recently discovered was when Riot changed the goal and support went to mid while ADCARRY went to the jungle.

Surely in one of your games, you have found a smurf account, and you have found impressive performance. Elo boosting which you can find at https://elo-boosters.com is light years away from a smurf account; they have the game much more studied. A smurf wins games thanks to the skill. The elo booster wins the games with strategy, skill and coordination.

The strategy has been found thanks to the analysis of multiple games, be aware of the patches and see the most powerful of these. Analyze in-depth what works best in each league and division while the skill has achieved it through years and years of practice. And the coordination is because it works together with a partner/friend to achieve better results.

Each elo booster has its strategy and skill well measured and the only way to know it is by hiring it.

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