All browser games have a forum and a wiki page. We have also collected a lot of information on this website that you can use a lot, such as the Forge of Empires manual. The more information you have about a game, the easier it becomes to know the game, learn it and make the right guesses.

Be aware that you will never find all the information in the game itself. The best tips and tricks are not shared in the game. You can find it on websites like this, in the forum of your tribe or guild, or you can get that information if your friends want to help you.

Don’t be too scared

Most people who start with a send tribal wars attacks browser game never end up. This is for good reason. These people are cautious, cautious and weigh the choices they make a number of times before deciding not to attack other players. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Find the lol smurf accounts and get the most essential solutions there.

Sometimes you have to dare to take the gamble. Do you think it will work and that you can take out that one player? Then don’t wait too long, because chances are that player is thinking exactly the same thing against you. So don’t be too afraid and sometimes just dare to take the plunge, otherwise you will never end up in the top.

Have a plan

The browser games we mentioned here are all strategy games. That means you have multiple options and multiple ways to grow. That does not matter, of course, but if you want to use all the possibilities at the same time, you will notice that you will only drop in the rankings. It is also not fun to play the game like this because you have no plan and therefore do not know what you are actually doing.

That is why it is good to first draw up a plan. What is your plan and what is your approach? Which direction do you want to take, are you going to make as many troops as possible or do you want to work with the buildings first?

The plan also includes the financial. Determine in advance whether you want to bet money or not. It doesn’t have to be in any game, but it can bring certain benefits. Those advantages are most useful in the beginning of the game because you can grow past the rest and the top 10 will come very quickly.

Dare to ask

The last point in this long list! If you don’t know something or you are a bit unsure about something, ask someone who has experience with it. Ask a friend in the game, ask a tribesman or ask the question on the forum.

That is nothing to be ashamed of. Even the number one occasionally has questions that he or she has no answer to. Most people will be happy to answer you.

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