Colocation, the method of renting out a room from a third-party information facility, has actually grown in appeal over the past few years. Organizations can rent a mix of solutions, hardware, as well as software program. Marketing research firm IDC forecasts that by 2018, companies have got 65% of their IT possessions organized off-site, and 33% of their IT staff will actually be third-party employees.

With dedicated server services [บริการ dedicated server, which is the term in Thai], companies can switch over to operating cost versions as opposed to the extra expensive capital spending plan. This is the major draw to leasing area from third parties; however, there are various other things to think about when making the decision to rent, consisting of:

Company Continuity and Disaster Healing

Colo has no unique benefit over an internal option when it concerns business continuity, as well as disaster recovery, yet it should still be a vital factor to consider when selecting a colo provider. Wherever the colo facility is, the provider needs to have a strategy in place to ensure nonstop service and recovery in case of an all-natural calamity, consisting of frequent screening, as well as tweaking to maintain whatever as much as date.

  • Place

Since information will be organized at the very least partially in a physical location, businesses have to take a look at precisely where that place will be. It requires to be close enough to a source of power and somewhere that IT personnel can quickly gain access, and it needs to be somewhere additionally that’s not likely to be struck with natural disasters like cyclones, as well as quakes.

  • Rates

Switching to colocation can aid organizations to conserve money with usage-based prices. Colo can also help in reducing electrical energy prices by approximately 40%, according to the National Resources Protection Council. Nevertheless, when seeking the appropriate center, be aware of any kind of hidden expenses, as well as monthly costs.

  • Security

Using colocation indicates that delicate information might be hosted outside the organization such as server installation service (วาง server, which is the term in Thai] far from the security gauges and network firewall put in place to safeguard it internally. Not only should the company make certain that only accredited workers can access the facility; however, they need to additionally have monitor process in place to ensure that if any breach is there, they get alerted as soon as possible.

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