AARP was established in 1958 and is a charitable organization that offers public services to seniors, such as AARP benefits counseling, Medicare guidance from experts, investment advice for retirement planning, and more. The group also provides discounts on products to members of the AARP community. The AARP free cell phones offer for seniors who is eligible for them.

The phone comes with unlimited talk time nationwide with no roaming charges or taxes. They include popular features like voicemail notification by email or text message so you can know when you have messages without having to check your phone every few minutes. There’s also caller ID, so it will show up if someone has blocked their number before calling you back, so you won’t answer any callers who might be trying to sell you something or get AARP-free cell phones for seniors.

AARP AT&T free cell phones

AT&T Wireless provides a 10% discount on their monthly cell phone expenses (both voice and data plan monthly fees) for AARP members when they have an active AARP membership. This discount is exclusive to AARP members who are on the AT&T postpaid cell phone plan.

The eligible AARP members can get an immediate $10 refund of their first month’s payment when they purchase any smartphone through this program. They will need to prove that they are eligible for the offer, including showing a valid AARP membership card and proof of AT&T Wireless postpaid cell phone plan payment for at least one month. This consists of a monthly or bi-monthly statement from the previous billing cycle from existing account holders.

For new accounts, AARP eligible members will get a $25 credit on their first bill when they activate a smartphone through an upgraded AT&T Wireless account. They can add a smartphone to their account, and from there on, they will get the $25 credit for each bill through their AARP eligibility.

Verizon AARP free phones

Verizon Wireless customers who are also AARP members can receive a 10% discount on their monthly voice and data plan. That proposal is only open to you who have an existing AARP membership card from Verizon Wireless.

To save money with this discount, you will need to be a Verizon postpaid wireless customer. You will also need to be a part of an AARP membership and show this when you sign up for the Verizon Wireless account.

The discount also applies for additional lines (up to 8) and can save you and your family up to 20% off the current plan rates. This could end up saving you around $44 per month or more if you decide to add a line to your account.

Sprint AARP free Phone Discount

Sprint offers you a 10% discount on your monthly bill if you are an AARP member. This is part of their Sprint Global Roaming plan that gives you great rates when traveling to countries worldwide.

This offer is available for existing postpaid customers or new accounts that have never had Sprint service before. You can receive this interest if you give your AARP company card to a Sprint representative.

With this offer, eligible users get 10% off their monthly plan with Sprint Global Roaming. It also includes unlimited calling and texting in any of the 185 included destinations worldwide. This is part of Sprint’s International Basic Plan that will give you complete data and texting in 65 International destinations.

Smartphone Buyer's Guide for Older Adults

How to get an AARP cell phone free?

To get a free cell phone, you need to show proof of your eligibility and sign up for one of the three carriers: AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. You can check out more details on each carrier’s website, so you know exactly what you will need to get a free cell phone from AARP.

To sign up as an eligible member, you will need to show proof of your eligibility using a valid AARP membership card and guarantee that you are a current postpaid or prepaid wireless carrier customer with AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint.

When you first join, the carriers will send you an email verification.

This will act as your proof that you are eligible for the AARP cell phone free offer and can get a $10 or $25 credit, depending on which carrier you sign up with to cover your first bill.

To be available, you want to be 50 years old and already have an active subscription with AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. It would help if you were a current AARP member and had proof of your membership while signing up for the free cell phone.


AARP has changed its policy to no more extended offer of free phones for seniors. The program was called the “AARP Mobile Savings Program.” You can still get a discounted phone or service plan through them, but it will require you to sign up for an annual contract on your own. They used to partner with Verizon Wireless and Sprint Corporation to provide discounts on these services.

The AARP Free Phone program is now closed to new members. You can still get a free phone with the carrier of your choice if you are an existing AARP member and show official proof of your eligibility by showing them your current membership card.

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