“Just what is your opinion you are doing, Dave?” Individuals words, made famous through the artificially intelligent computer HAL 9000 in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: An Area Journey” resound within my ears each time I consider the subject of the week’s article: virtual assistants.

For individuals individuals too youthful to recall, HAL was the artificially intelligent computer aboard Discovery within the film that dealt with the numerous details requiring oversight because the ship’s crew made its method to Jupiter. Its apparently all pervading red camera lens monitored all ship activity.

With HAL’s words still fresh within my memory, even in the end of those years, it’s along with some personal trepidation which i will talk about how digital signs may be used to give a va to the sales or marketing process. Try not to worry, with this type of application there is no danger of having drawn out in to the cold recesses of space.

As with “2001,” the idea behind an online assistant is straightforward: create a complex process easy and manageable by using a competent, “intelligent” computer. Putting that idea into practice here on the planet helps two Wichita, KS, area companies extend their marketing and advertising efforts and serve their clients while creating more personnel for other critical tasks.

At Walnut Valley Nursery in Andover, KS, outdoors Wichita, a more sophisticated, interactive digital signs setup helps customers figure out how much product they’ll requirement for confirmed landscaping or garden project by mixing maps from Google Earth, an electronic signs controller from Keywest Technology as well as an Orion touch-screen LCD panel having a database of landscaping items that the shop carries as well as their suggested coverage area.

Customers simply key in their addresses and names while using the system, along with a map of the individual rentals are called from Google Earth. By touching the screen to define the limitations of the project, customers trigger a pc to look for the kinds of products to make use of and just how much they’ll need. For example, by designating a place into the spotlight, they are able to learn which kind of fertilizer they require for his or her lawn and just how much to purchase.

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