Content creation cannot be improvised. Whatever your skills, you will not be able to do everything alone. So how do you build your Content Marketing Team? Which profiles to bet on? Who does your business need?

It is not enough to write a few articles occasionally on your business blog to claim to be Content Marketing. For your approach to have a real impact, you need a professional approach. You will have to constitute a shock team, made up of specialists in their sector. Depending on the size of your structure, you can internalize most of these profiles or, on the contrary, build a team of external service providers specializing in Inbound Marketing.

The Content Manager, A Very Precious Conductor

The keystone of your organization will be your Content Manager. He will be responsible for defining your editorial charter. This unique document sets out the apparent and underlying objectives of your blog, the tone of the articles to be produced, their angle of attack, the way to address your reader, the ideal writing rhythm, the structuring of your texts and illustrations.

Digital Communication Professionals

Creating content requires multiple skills. Your Content Manager will, therefore, be surrounded by specialists at from different fields.


One of the first collaborators of the Content Marketing team will be the SEO specialist (for Search Engine Optimization). For each article of the blog, it will define the main request to which the text must respond. He will draw up the semantic field and lay down a corpus of keywords that the article will have to integrate to optimize its placement in search engines and therefore, its notoriety and visibility.


Now is the time to write the articles. It would be wise to entrust the writing to copywriters trained in SEO. Specialists in web writing and your industry, they will find the right ways to highlight the desired content around the mandatory keywords.


The graphic web designer works on the look of your articles according to your editorial charter. It also takes care of the thumbnails of your messages on social networks. He chooses crops and improves the illustrations and gives them the most appropriate technical formats. His main concern is to produce the lightest images possible to boost the speed of your site.


To optimize the advertisement of your publications in each of the social networks on which your company is present, a Community Manager is essential in your Content Marketing team. He manages posts and moderates comments. He knows the internal rules and codes of each network, the hours of consultation, off-peak hours, bearable rhythms, etc.

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