Basic Attention Token or BAT currency was founded by Brendan Each, co-founder Mozilla and Firefox. It was developed to improve the efficiency and security of digital advertising using Blockchain technology, making it easy for people to optimise their website. The technology allowed them to solve old problems related to web-based advertising and web browsing. Built on Ethereum, it is the native token currency used on Brave Web Browser. 

But primarily it has become a digital currency used by people to efficiently distribute the advertising money between advertisers, publishers, and readers for online ads and other marketing content. Here is how you can earn BAT money.

  • Download And Install The Brave Browser

Simply install a brave browser for windows/macOS/Linux from the internet. 

  • Onboarding 

The browser would provide you a tour of the entire browser features through a slideshow. You can also start by importing your bookmarks, blocking the ads, setting search engines and also Brave Rewards. Brave Rewards is your way to earn the BAT money. 

  • Enabling Rewards 

For enabling rewards, you have two options: 

  • Ads 
  • Auto Contribution

By enabling these options, you can start to earn BAT money. If you have turned on the ads switch you will earn bat by viewing ads on the different sites. If you turn on auto contribution the sites that are participating on the browser will receive BAT money you have earned.

  • Browse And Earn 

Brave Browser informs the browser users or internet surfer about advertisements that are paying them for watching these ads. These advertisements help people to earn BAT money, and also they have a choice to block these ads as well. 

  • Contribute On Sites

One of the ways as an organisation you can start to earn BAT money is by allowing people to contribute on the site using BAT currency. Once you start accepting it, your site would have a red triangle at the corner of site, clicking which people would be able to give-away money to your site. Also this adds your site into their list of contribution or to remove your site from the list.

  • Verifying Wallet

Using Uphold digital currency broker you can earn or contribute without signing up. All you need is to verify your wallet through Uphold and you are good to go. At Uphold you even get to use their digital debit MasterCards for any purchases made. 

  • Cashing In Your Rewards 

You can withdraw the money in the BAT account. All you have to do is clicking the withdraw funds icon in the right panel of the Brave Rewards page settings. After this you earn BAT money and transfer it into any other cryptocurrency or US Dollars or any other currency and get it transferred to your bank account. 

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