For simplifying the interaction between humans and computers the market is hit by some new tools- Chatbots or Virtual assistants. The chatbox and virtual assistants are the most recent tools in the industry for simplifying the interactions between humans and computers.


It is a software-based on artificial intelligence to simulate a conversation with the user in its native language through mobile applications, messaging apps, websites, or through a telephone. A chatbot is the most advanced and positive manner of interaction between humans and devices. 

Creation Of Chatbots

It is a challenging task to make chatbot, but once they are created that is worth it. For creating a chatbot, one must know the aim and the usage behind its creation. The chatbots are built in two ways:

  • Using a rule-based approach in hard coding
  • Using a machine learning process to learn data on its own.

Types Of Chatbots

Chatbots operates data in a manner to provide quick responses of requests of all types of users as per the set data and artificial intelligence-based chatbots. There are two types of chatbots:


  • Rule-Based Chatbot


The rule-based chatbots act as per the defined paths in conversations. With carrying on a conversation the user has to choose from the given option to decide the upcoming step in the conversation. These bots are the most suitable for responding to general queries like inquiry regarding business hours, tracking the delivery status, etc.


  • Conversational Chatbot


These are also known as a virtual assistant or digital assistant. They are comparatively more interactive and open to customization. They communicate with users as humans deal in real-life situations.  These bots use their intelligence and emotion analysis to understand the feelings of customers.

Importance Of Chatbots

Chatbots allow businesses to improve their customer service and expand them.  The chatbots are beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Reduces the customers waiting time- Chatbots are a real timesaver and ensure that the customers get the response in the quickest possible time.
  • Always available- Bots are 24*7 available for resolving the queries of customers.
  • More scalable- The bots can be expandable at the time of heavy workload and can easily manage n number of customers without any extra cost.
  • It boosts customers’ experience.
  • It preserves the customer’s service costs. 

It is not easy to make chatbot, but once applied, it performs all the tasks efficiently and proves to be very beneficial for business. Still, human intervention plays a critical role in the optimization, training, and configuring of the chatbot.

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