Search engine optimisation (SEO) has levelled the playing field for many, allowing smaller businesses to compete and advertise online. We want to explore what the benefits of SEO implementation can do for your business, and will take you through 5 key benefits of SEO for any small company. 


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Search engine optimisation involves a combination of great content marketing, keyword optimisation, link building, and various other search factors, to help search engine users find content that is most relevant to them and their search. Through the process of SEO, you are essentially trying to help Google to understand your content, thus recommending it to their users. This means it is our job to make that as easy as possible for popular search engines. For instance, if you are talking about some cool SEO stats on my webpage, link them! That way search engines know that those two web pages are related, and will treat them accordingly. SEO is just the starting point for your well-thought out, impactful strategy that seeks to improve your brand’s search rankings and online visibility, and who wouldn’t want that.


As a fundamental part of digital marketing, it’s well worth considering using SEO for your business, considering people conduct trillions of online searches every year, and search engines are now used to find products and services more than ever before. Running an SEO campaign pushes you one step further and can provide you and your business with excellent results.


In this guide, we explain some of the key benefits of implementing an SEO strategy for your small business and how to track and maximise your results.


  • Boost sales


Typically, the ultimate goal of using SEO is to generate revenue and boost sales. With SEO having the ability to help you improve your website’s ranking in search engine results, you are more likely to be noticed by the market, and are able to compete with larger businesses with the right SEO strategy.


While it’s impossible for SEO results to be achieved overnight, it is possible to see sales, enquiries and leads increase over time, since SEO is seen as a long-term strategy to fit alongside your other marketing activities. This has the potential to make a huge impact on your company’s most important goals, like increasing customer leads and sales revenue.


  • Improve search visibility


Showing up in Google search results is important because it provides businesses with an improved search presence and visibility, which can be achieved through a carefully thought-out SEO strategy. Local SEO involves a combination of several strategies, which can be used to enhance your website performance. Improving a website’s performance and using expertly-crafted search techniques can boost your business to ensure that your website is ranking well in the search engine results pages (SERPs), making your business visible to relevant users. 


When implementing a local search strategy, it is important to align it with your content creation strategy. Having well optimised content for search among engaging content for the user will put your business in good stead for excellent results. Good content will involve copy that is  optimised with keywords relevant to your business and services, location, services and products. The topic of the content is also something to consider and spend some time on. If your title can match well with what users are searching for, search engines will be more likely to rank your content well since it seems to be relevant for the user search type. 



  • Increase website traffic


The basic principle of using SEO marketing strategy is to draw visitors to your website from relevant searches. Organic SEO involves getting a natural ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). The techniques used for organic SEO typically range from using link-building, writing informative content, backlinks, and keyword analysis. 


However, the main goal of using SEO marketing is to establish web traffic through long-tail keywords and keyword research. There are some excellent tools available to use which can provide regularly-updated informative best phrases and words related to your services, industry, and products. These tools include SEMrush, Nightwatch and Ahrefs.


  • More targeted traffic 



Not only will SEO campaigns guarantee more traffic, but they will ensure more targeted traffic to your business. With local SEO applications such as Google My Business, it is more straightforward than ever to attract users who are looking for exactly what you provide.  With local SEO, you will be targeting terms that are not only relevant to your products and services, but are relevant to the area your business is in. So when someone searches for their nearest coffee shop in Leicester, with local SEO implementations you could be at the top spot. With your business showing up to super relevant users, you are also more likely to reach your target conversions, keeping your investors that little bit happier. 


  • Affordable investment 


For many small businesses, the thought of advertising may have previously been out of reach. With key advertising methods including expensive billboards, TV advertisements and radio commercials, all of which may have been great for larger companies, but with limited budgets, these advertising strategies were not always accessible. Additionally, it can be challenging to know what results these campaigns delivered with no real tangible measurement system; meaning the return on investment will likely be unknown. 


This is not the case with SEO. With self-learning or the employment of a digital marketing agency, it can be simple to set up your first SEO campaigns, and the best part is, they’re all completely trackable, so no more guessing how your campaigns performed, as you have it in-front of you. This can lead to higher buy-ins from investors since they will be able to review your historical SEO data to have an idea of the results you may look to achieve on your next campaign.  


SEO can easily help small businesses to establish a strong and fast website, which ranks well. This, in turn, may attract prospective clients, build branding techniques, and increase conversion rates. If you own a small enterprise, you have to incorporate SEO services with a user-friendly website to bypass competitors and ultimately, acquire more clients.  SEO is also relatively affordable, and like many things, you get back what you put in. The payoff of a brilliant SEO campaign will be considerable when done correctly, making SEO an affordable and excellent investment option.


Where Do You Start?


It can be difficult knowing where to start with SEO if you have never done it before. After all, how much do you invest and when should you expect to see results? For an SEO campaign to be successful, you need to put in a lot of time, effort, research and of course, patience. This is why it can pay off to use a trusted SEO agency in Leicester.


SEO is important for any business looking for online presence, whether big or small. Without SEO services, you may find yourself failing to increase ROI (return on investment), generate traffic, and boost sales, so we advise enlisting the help of an expert who can guide you through the process, while delivering tangible results for your business.  Read more on our tips for choosing a suitable SEO agency


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