Before you begin posting on Instagram, you must first understand the importance of having a relevant and time-sensitive hashtag. In this article we are going to cover four tips for hashtag marketing success. These tips are useful for any social media manager, or any businesses or brands that are looking to up their social media marketing efforts.

As with all online marketing, it’s not a simple quick fix and more often than not, there is going to be a lot of trial effort. However, once you start testing which methods work best for acquiring new Instagram followers, you can then replicate the process over and over again.

Follow these tips to gain more exposure, and see your posts reach a wider audience. However, keep in mind that there are no guarantees. You should experiment with different hashtags, so use these tips as a guide.


When developing an Instagram hashtag marketing strategy, you need to keep in mind your target audience. If your audience is searching for car insurance, then using the hashtag #carinsurance would not be relevant. Not only would your competitors be using this hashtag, but it would also be irrelevant to you and your audience. Relevance is the key to hashtag success. Ideally, you want to find keywords that relate to your business and target audience, but also ones that are unique.

The first step in creating an effective hashtag strategy is to research relevant hashtags. You can use third-party tools to conduct research on popular hashtags and build lists. Some social media scheduling tools like Later let you save blocks of hashtags. If you are new to hashtag marketing, you should look into third-party tools that allow you to create lists and schedule posts in advance. Moreover, you should compare hashtags with your post’s performance.


Incorporate hashtags in your posts to increase visibility. The use of hashtags helps you to gain new followers and increase engagement. A common example is the hashtag #coffee. This hashtag is used in numerous posts to help people find your content. It also allows you to contextualize your posts without consuming precious character space. This way, you won’t have to worry about writing a lengthy caption every time you share a new photo.

Another way to increase engagement on your account is to add relevant hashtags that relate to your business. Some of these are brand-specific and contain the name of a brand, slogan, or community. Using specific hashtags for each product category can help you track posts from specific brands. The goal of hashtags is to attract customers and increase brand loyalty. However, it’s important to remember that hashtags are only useful if they’re relevant to your brand and your audience.

Time-sensitive content

There are many ways to use time-sensitive content to make your social media campaigns more successful. One of the best ways to do this is to create content that ephemerally lasts only a short time. Time-sensitive content has the effect of humanizing your brand, creating a connection with your customers and ultimately boosting your brand loyalty. To create time-sensitive content, first determine what your brand does and who it serves.

Hashtags have many advantages. They make it easier to find content and can increase your audience’s engagement. These are like Instagram’s SEO. They place your post in a pool of similar content, making it easier for people to discover it. People also search by hashtag to see what others are talking about. In addition, using relevant tags helps increase your brand’s exposure. For example, if your business sells shoes, use the hashtag #shopperstoot for shoes.


To boost your visibility, you must use the right hashtags in your Instagram posts. You can check the popularity of hashtags by searching them on Instagram. Popular hashtags are those that have 300,000 to 1 million posts. However, if you want to avoid getting spammed, you should use hashtags in the range of 80,000 to 300,000.

Keep your hashtags short and easy to read. If your hashtag is too long or difficult to read, users will skip over it and move on to another post. Make sure to use hashtags that relate to your brand and your audience. Once you get an idea of what people are searching for, you can customize your hashtags to increase your followers’ reach. Here are some tips to improve the popularity of your Instagram hashtags:

Limits on hashtags

Using the correct hashtags for marketing on Instagram is essential. While using a few popular ones can increase your posts’ reach, you will want to avoid posting “blocked” hashtags. Google’s algorithm penalizes sites with a lack of legitimate keywords. Also, remember that the number of hashtags you use for your posts should not exceed 30. The limit is set by Instagram itself, so it’s important to stick to it!

When using hashtags on Instagram, remember that there are limits on how many characters you can include per post. You are only allowed 2,200 characters per post, so use them wisely. However, it is essential to keep your captions short, as a longer description will only result in an increase in clickthroughs. If you want your posts to reach the largest number of viewers, you should use fewer hashtags than a photo with more than five.

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