Think Torrentz 2 and the key things that would cross your mind is faster downloading speed, huge content, and quicker file sharing solution. The platform is slowly getting a grip on the mainstream and is being embraced as the most efficient and prompt downloading solution for bulky files. Downloading video games, music, and movies are viewed as one of the most popular activity by online pirates. 

  • Syncing Files

Torrent syncs dispersed P2P file-sharing clients. Other file sync services like Google Drive and Dropbox are user-friendly but if your major concern is related to storage space or even privacy, then the torrent file sync is ideal for you. The torrents sync doesn’t get your data stored on a centralized server.

But rather the files are shared between the desktop and laptop directly. It is also shared between the computers of your known-ones. There is no limit for file size unlike Google Drive or Dropbox, and you are allowed to sync all quantity of records. If you do not have faith in the central server and wish for countless transfers, then you can rely on torrent file syncing.

  • Sharing Music and Videos

You saw that right. Not all video or music torrents are illegal, regardless of the CDMAs have to say. If you wish to keep your media available online, maybe because you own a band and are thinking of promoting your music, then torrenting is the right way to do it. The file-hosting isn’t cheap, but if you plan of releasing the data through torrent, then you can save money with the bandwidth charges. 

People make contributions to their bandwidth every time they choose to opt for song download. Moreover, you have the power to reach out to a broader spectrum of audience, sans annoying anybody with Digital Rights Management issues.

  • Decentralizing Huge Data

Torrents are an amazing way to have large chunks of data quickly distributed and save fortune open bandwidth. You can distribute any amount of data publicly, thanks to torrent. The quickest possible way to get the large chunks of file shared is through torrent. This is because you would enjoy a faster downloading speed as compared to any other method. Specifically, there is no better way to get the Linus installs downloaded than Torrents.

Torrents shall always remain popular, because of the number of features it boasts of. These are 3 of the best reasons why people prefer them. But there are more good reasons. Irrespective of what you are using Torrents for, consider using a VPN always.

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